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Mike Choby

Worship Leader

UBC is blessed to have Mike Choby as our worship leader.  Mike brings a style of worship that reflects and speaks to the diversity of our congregation.  Sunday morning worship can feature songs from classical hymns and spirituals to classics from the likes of Andrae Crouch and Keith Green to modern praise and worship, contemporary Christian and gospel music.  

Mike was first worship leader at UBC from 1998 to 2006.  In 2006, he left Chicago to join the Belorussian Christian band Spasenie.  Spasenie is well known in eastern Europe and to people from there all over the world.  A feature of the band is that music is written by all their members.  The band has done tours in the US, Canada, the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Russia, the UK, South Korea, and South Africa.

Mike is now back in Chicago leading worship at UBC.  He still takes time each year to go on mission trips and other opportunies to worship with Spasenie.  


Spasenie with Mike Choby on bass.  

Uptown Baptist Church
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