VBS Music

01 Spark Studios
04 Living Masterpiece
02 How Marvelous You Are
05 What Only God Can Do
03 Designed By God
06 Go


Monday Slides

Mission Team doesn't arrive until Tuesday, so we need to lead worship rally and closing rally.  Spark Studios is the first song.  Slides 2-26 are lyrics that Clyde and media team will move us through.  Slide 27 -30 will be Pastor Nick's talk.  Slides 30-52 are second song.  Closing Rally Slides repeat same two songs.  

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Tuesday Slides

Wednesday Slides

Thursday Slides

Friday Slides

Slides 2-25 are first song (Spark Studios).  Slides 27-29 are Pastor Nick's talk.  Slides 31-56 are the second song (Designed by God).  Closing Rally repeats same two songs and asks closing questions.  

Wednesday follows the same format.  

Thursday follows the same format.  

Friday follows the same format.  The closing rally ends with students receiving completion certificates.